Tournament Rules




  • 8 players max per team (4 on 4). Before their first game, each player must check-in and sign the wavier.  No goaltenders on teams.
  • Games will be composed of two 15-minute halves with a 2-minute halftime.
  • Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 4 games.
  • Each team will be responsible for cleaning the ice after each game. There will be 10 minutes between games to clean the ice.  Shovels will be provided.


  • The winner of a coin toss will determine which end to defend. Teams will switch ends after the first half.
  • All players must wear helmets, gloves and hockey skates.  Protective equipment is optional but highly recommended.
  • No goalie equipment or goalie sticks permitted.
  • Teams must provide their own jerseys.
  • There will be one referee per ice surface to monitor the play.
  • It is up to the referee’s discretion to award a penalty shot.  A penalty shot will be taken from center ice.  Anyone on the opposing team can take the shot. The team that is awarded the penalty shot will also be given possession of the puck/ring following the penalty shot attempt (regardless of the outcome of the shot).
  • Any major penalty, which includes any action that could possibly injure another player, will result in that player being ejected from the tournament.  A Head Referee and/or an Off-ice Pond official will determine major penalties in consultation with the game referee.
  • Abuse of officials will be considered a major penalty. This includes yelling, swearing, or arguing about calls.
  • No body contact is allowed. Such action will result in a minor penalty unless deemed serious enough to be a major (see off-ice pond official).
  • No SLAPSHOTS! Do not raise your stick or puck above the knee.
  • Players cannot fall or lay on the ice in an effort to protect the goal area. Such action will result in a minor penalty.
  • Goal-tending is not allowed.
  • Contacting the puck with a stick above the waist will result in a loss of possession.
  • Saucer passes (i.e. pucks that are lifted low, below the knee) are acceptable.
  • If a puck goes out of bounds, the last team to touch it loses possession. During restart, the defender must give his opponent 2-stick lengths of space.
  • There are no off-sides or icing calls.
  • Goals can be scored from any area of the rink.
  • Referees will call out the score after each goal. This includes goals scored by players or awarded from minor penalties.
  • Teams must give their opponents 1/2 ice after a goal is scored or an infraction takes place.
  • In the event of a tie during both qualifying and championship games, the play will move to a sudden death format.
  • All games are running-time and substitutions may be made “on the fly” There is no stoppage of play after a goal is scored or a penalty is awarded. If the puck goes out at the end, possession automatically goes to the defending team.
  • Players can only play on one team.
  • Rosters are “frozen” after Player Check-in.  No other substitutions throughout the tournament are allowed. The four to eight players that are on your roster on the first day of tournament play must be the same players that play on your team throughout the tournament.
  • Setting picks in the offensive zone is not allowed. Deference will be given to a defender in front of their own net where their progress is impeded by the pick or interference of an offensive player.
  • The captain of each team will review and SIGN the scorecards at the end of each game. In doing so he/she has accepted the game score and as a result, that game is FINAL. If a discrepancy with the score is found, both Captains are to discuss it with the referee and if need be you can ask to speak with the Head Volunteer Official.
  • No games will remain in a tie.  Games will go to sudden death overtime.



To determine team standings in the event of a tie in points, the following criteria shall be used: (1) the winner of the game between the two tied teams shall be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie between more than two teams, this tie-breaking criteria shall not apply in any circumstances. (2) If still tied after the first criteria, or if the first criteria are not applicable, the team that has the most wins at the end of the round-robin play shall be deemed the winner. (3) If still tied after the most wins criteria, the best plus-minus goals to a max of + 7 and – 7 per game shall be deemed the winner. (4) If still tied after the plus-minus criteria, the least goals against shall be deemed the winner. (5) If still tied after the least goals criteria, goals for shall be deemed the winner. If no winner is declared after the goals for criteria, there will be a coin toss to declare a playoff spot.